December 13, 2015


Lapis light pulses with glow

Above a row of velvet fir trees

Now darkened and softened

Branches indistinct

Only their spires

Reach into the fading light


Along that edge

I ride

My eyes

My heart

Trying to divine

This parsing

This call

To at once


And stay

I am beautiful
You are beautiful

Maples gone crazy with light
Drip green tendrils in thick repetition
Until the hillside
Pulses with golden glow
Each distinction is mirrored by another
The universe in love with itself


June 26, 2015

A stand of white barked alder

Is swathed in a cloud of sun tinted gold

A wave of just birthed green

Flows around each bony branch

Each scrappy arm

Once stiff and stark

Now floats in a wash of grace

Did the first winter feel like death

Or did one searcher lay with ear to ground

And hear a thrum pound through space and time

A looping swirling music

Cascades and rushes


Through the universe

Never lets us go


June 1, 2015

The wind and rain came back today

Petals rush windows

Fly sideways across the view

Scatter and then find company

Under bared branches

In mounds of cherry pink

And wild rose

Tomorrow will bring new bursts of beauty

Fresh color calling from tree or field

There is no going back

Explosive profusion

Pulls the willing eye

From festivity to festivity

Each flood of flower

Each full blown bouqueted bush


Breathe me

I am you


May 17, 2015

I step into a pale blue evening

Moonlight infiltrates my breath

The sky is embroidered with silver sequined petals

Blinking in the fading sun

I hear my limbs chime as they rise and fall

Soft echoes of glow ripple on the edges of every silhouette

A shimmer of rhythms pulses from my palms

I open

Spread up and out


Into luminous communion


April 27, 2015

The dark is lighter now
Color unfolds across the landscape as the sun eases up over the horizon
The east is aswirl in pinks and lemons
Soft wisps of confetti cloud strew though pools of lavender and blue

I travel from dark to light
Find revelations of delicate cherry blossom
Clusters of yellow bright daffodils
And star bursts of magenta magnolia
Along my path

An exquisite anticipation floats in the air
Fingerling branches and tightly wound buds
Wait for wild unfurling
Inspiration comes spiraling
Round and down green tipped spires
Up and over the flow of snow laden mountains



April 20, 2015

When the roads are empty
And I am lost in solitude
Each curve becomes a part of me

Each passing view becomes a gift
The moon glancing downward
The dawn celebrating in fiery finery
Across a cloud scattered sky
An apparition of mountain folded in fog

Impossible to choose one that is best
There is no comparative data
To skew the moment from good to better

The man outside the bakery
Holds his cardboard sign
We exchange hellos
As I pass by

Who is better
Who is best


April 5, 2015

The mountain was a god this week
A warrior cloaked in rose shimmer
Ridges rippling down the front
Massive wings pleated behind

If I look long enough
Will I see it lift off
Head and shoulders
And then the unknown torso

Powered into the sky
By fearless

I spread my hands
Gather the soft feathered down
Add it to my own bony nubs
Imagine the moment
When my wings tingle
And with a running start
I soar

A range of possibilities
Unfolds with each upward beat
The view fans out
Reveals layer upon layer

An exquisite array of choice
A profusion of hope
Upholds me
In this place
Where I dream
With all the earth breathing


March 15, 2015



What relief

To see the light

The dark can be so convincing


Satin swathes of sky

Glow between dusky curls of cloud

I drift upward

Out of time

Into weightlessness

Sheer and floating

Feel the soft breath

Of constant flux

Reminding me that light

Is my anchor


March 7, 2015

I went out into the wind today

It felt like freedom

Its edges were soft

Like water


It washed me clean

I whistled like a reed

Buffeted amid some happy play of the universe


The whole is greater

Than the sum of its parts

I felt that today

With the wind

Streaming around and through me


I could lean in or stand still

Feel life rising in surges of wonder

My thin shell aquake with the rattle of joy